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Automail – Overprinting Envelopes for whatever your needs might be.


- On these pages you will find details of our services, stock envelopes and some samples of our work for Clients.

- Overprinting envelopes has traditionally been our primary service with a company history dating back to 1900 (FC Thacker Ltd), however since then we have diversified into supplying the Laundry and Dry Cleaning sector with Counter Ticket Books, Stationery for the Commercial sector and Heavy Duty Files for Accountancy Firms.

- In addition we can provide bespoke envelope manufacturing for custom size envelopes in most colours, overprinted or unprinted.

- Our bespoke stationery range is not just limited to printing envelopes or manufacturing envelopes - you might like to browse through our variety of Self Adhesive Labels or take a look at our Owners Risk Pads.

- If you require a printed envelope or paper orientated item not listed in our pages; just let us know your requirements and we will do our very best to overprint or manufacture your item.


Below are a few things you might find useful if you’re not used to envelope terminology:

  • An A4 envelope is referred to as a C4 envelope
  • An A5 envelope is referred to as a C5 envelope
  • A standard office envelope measuring 110 x 220 mm is referred to as a DL envelope
  • Overprinting simply means printing after the manufacture process
  • Buff and Brown envelopes are the same as Manilla Envelopes

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We supply the following stock items: - C4 Envelopes (A4 Size) - C5 Envelopes (A5 Size) - C6 Envelopes (A6 Size) - DL Envelopes -- Undersized Envelopes or Oversized Envelopes such as: - 102 x 216mm, 105 x 216mm, 114 x 229mm, 114 x 235mm, 121 x 235mm, 160 x 160mm (Square Envelopes), 162 x 235mm, 162 x 238mm, 205 x 205mm (Square Envelope), 254 x 178mm (Pocket Envelope), 305 x 152mm (Fits Marketing Brochures), 381 x 253mm, 406 x 305mm, 457 x 324mm (C3 Envelopes) -- Most of our stock items have the option of being either: - Self Seal Envelopes (S/S or Self Adhesive), Peel and Seal Envelopes (P&S), Gummed Envelopes -- In various colours: - Manilla Envelopes (Buff or Brown), White Envelopes, Coloured Envelopes (For non standard sizes for example not C4, C5 or DL a Colourwash Overprint of the Envelopes can be arranged) -- Services and other Items we offer: - Overprinted Envelopes (Printed Envelopes) - Manufactured Envelopes - Bespoke Printing - Unprinted Envelopes - Bespoke Envelopes - Board Back Envelopes - Business Reply Envelopes - Custom Envelopes - Wallet Envelopes - Pocket Envelopes - Gusset Envelopes (Gusseted) - Window Envelopes - Plain Envelopes (Non Window) - Machine Envelopes - Recycled Envelopes - Tyvek Envelopes - Mailing Envelopes - Envelopes with a Portrait Window - Envelopes with a Landscape Window - Counter Ticket Books - BB120, BB140, BB124, BB122, BB121 - Owners Risk Pads (ORP) - Self Adhesive Labels - Information Slips (BB99 or BB102) - Laundry and Dry Cleaning Products - Tufftape