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How to use Our Site

Browsing by Category / Envelope Type

On the left of the site you will notice Red Bars, these are the headings for the major product ranges on our site. Under each section is a list of product types. For example under Envelopes, there are Recycled Envelopes. If you click that, you will be taken to a page displaying the main categories within our Recycled Envelope range. Clicking on one of these categories, for example Manilla Recycled Pockets, will then take you to the actual products. The products are listed in order of size, and you will see a maximum of 20 per page. To view more simply click 'next page' at the bottom. Once you have found the item you're interested in, clicking that item will take you to a technical specification page showing you a picture (if available), along with size measurements. From this point you will be able to customise your quote basket.

Searching for Sizes

Please read the section above explaining how to navigate our site. Once you are in the Envelope category you are after the products are listed in order of size, in ascending order starting with the smaller envelopes (e.g. DL's), going down the pages to the larger envelopes (e.g. C4's).

Search Tip: Type ‘324 x 229’ in the search facility located towards the top right hand of the website. All the C4 pockets will be displayed. Alternatively try ‘110 x 220’ for all DL wallets.

Managing Your Quote Basket

Once you have added items into your basket, you can edit the details or quantities at any time. Simply click on the item you wish to update. You will be taken back to the page where you can amend information… or remove that item completely.

Submitting Your Quote

There is nothing easier. Once you have built up your quote basket, click the submit button. Type your contact details so we can get back in touch, and that's it. All your information is instantly emailed to us.