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Tufftape - Tufftape

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Product Type Tufftape
Size 22 mm ( 0.87" )
Catalogue Ref TUFF

Packed in reels of 250 x the print pattern - for example you might want the word 'REPAIR' or 'EXPRESS' with each repeat of the word separated by a bold line - if you do not give us instructions for print (read below) the reel will be 250 x 10cm equalling a total length of 25m. You can see examples of the unprinted 25m reels and the smaller printed reels in the picture above.

This product is nearly always printed.

Tufftape is suitable for sequential numbering, in duplicate or triplicate, and text. Graphics do not print well unless they are simple due to the nature of the material. The length (height) of a reel depends on the amount of text, numbers printed.

If you do require print you can let us know details in the Special Instructions field when submitting your quote (You need to add product to your basket first).

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