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Counter Ticket Books - BB124 Repair and Alterations

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Product Type BB124 Repair and Alterations
Size 346 × 115 mm ( 13.62" × 4.53" )
Paper Tough, Solvent Resistant, Permanilla
Paper Weight 115 GSM
Numbering None
Tickets Per Page 6 with 0 x Perforation
Catalogue Ref BB124

How to use the BB124

  • 1. As all garments for repair are Drycleaned, the first step is to enter the order in the Counter Day-Book and mark the garments in the normal way.

  • 2. A repair ticket is then filled out from this special book (including the entry of the Day-Book number in the space provided) and pinned to the work.

  • 3. The Repairs Ticket then remains on the order through all processes including Dry cleaning. (The special per manilla used ensures the ticket will be unaffected).

  • 4. The shop, at all times, retains a record on the duplicate copy of all outstanding repairs orders.


  • a) Repairs cannot be missed or misunderstood at the works.

  • b) Dry cleaning will not be done twice - or missed altogether.

  • c) Clear instructions for the Repair Department

  • d) Separate pricing ensures a check on the charge plus a separate shop record for stock, cash or analysis purposes.

Bespoke Details in the Book

  • Bespoke print is available (Min 20 books) should you require your address or laundry name to appear on the ticket. If you require any other design on the ticket then just let us know.

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